Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days Sunrise & Hike Crater Cheap Price 2024

Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days. Do you need travel agencies to Mount Bromo? You are right if you open this website, we are MtBromoIjenTour.Com provide tour services to Mount Bromo. Especially for the Bromo sunrise tour, and crater climbing of Surabaya East Java by staying at a hotel near Bromo for 2 days 1 nights.

There are various tour packages offered to enjoy a vacation on Mount Bromo. One of them is the Bromo 2 day 1 night tour package aimed at local and foreign tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful sun rising from behind the mountain.

This tour package is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy a tour to Bromo, East Java, but don’t have a long holiday. Bromoijenn agent prepares a tour package that is very suitable for you, namely the Bromo tour package 2 days 1 night. Private trips at low prices but with complete and best facilities

Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days

Mount Bromo Tour 2 Days

This travel package service to mount Bromo can be started from Surabaya or Malang. We will pick up tourists from the airport, station, hotel, or apartment, then head to the Mount Bromo area. During the two days, tourists will explore the 5 most popular tourist spots in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) area. These spots include the following:

Tour Destinations

  1. Mt Penanjakan, aplace where you can see the sunrise,
  2. Bromo crater
  3. Pura Poten A place of worship for Hinduism
  4. Savanna Meadows as well as Teletubbies Hills,
  5. Whispering sea of sand

Mount Bromo Tour 2 Days

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Bromo has many tourist destinations. Then during those 2 days, what tours can be visited while in Bromo?

Mt Penanjakan sunrise tour

The highest location in the Mount Bromo area is the peak of Penanjakan. This place is the best location to see the sunrise on Mount Bromo. From this point you can also see a series of mountains such as shell, widodaren, Bromo, and Mount Semeru.

Hike Mount Bromo Crater

This is a place that you must visit while in Bromo. To reach this crater you have to walk or rent a horse for 1 km and climb 250 stairs to see the beauty of the crater and its surroundings. On this route, you can also stop at the Great Potent Temple, which is the Tengger Hindu temple building at the foot of Mount Bromo, which is usually used as a Kasada ceremony.

Whispering Sand

A wide and clean stretch of sand is located in the northern location of Mount Bromo. If you like photography, this is one of the best places in Bromo as a photo location. It is called whispering sand because when it is blown by the wind, the surface of the sand makes a sound.

Savanna Meadow And Teletubbies Hill

Other tourist attractions around Bromo that you must visit are savanna meadows and Teletubbies hills. Both of these places are in an area to the east of Mount Bromo which is in the same direction as the Bromo route from Malang City or the route to Ranupane, Ranu Kumbolo, and Semeru.

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Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days 1 Night

A trip to Mount Bromo is actually enough if it’s only for 1 day, but for participants who want a relaxing vacation while enjoying the atmosphere in the Mount Bromo area, we recommend choosing the mount Bromo tour package 2 days 1 night. Otherwise, if you don’t have much time, you should choose a Bromo 1 Day tour.

Between the overnight and non-stay Bromo packages, there is no difference regarding the tourist attractions visited around Mount Bromo. It’s just that to be able to relax more and enjoy the holiday atmosphere in this area. In Bromo, there are many accommodations available, ranging from homestays, budget hotels, and 1-star to 4-star hotels. So what are the itinerary for Bromo for 2 days and 1 night?

2 Days Mount Bromo Tour Itinerary

  • Pick Up Point: Surabaya/Malang/Probolinggo/Banyuwangi/Yogyakarta/Bali from the train station, hotels, airport, apartments, or another place we take advantage of.
  • Drop Off Point: Surabaya/Malang/Probolinggo/Banyuwangi/Yogyakarta/Bali from the train station, hotels, airport, apartments, or another place we take advantage of.
  • The best time starts for this tour is 08 am – 16.00 pm
  • Reach Surabaya/Malang (Airport/train Station) at 15.00 pm – 16.00

Day 1: Pick Up to Hotel at Bromo

On your first day of vacation visit to Mt Bromo Surabaya, you‘ll pick up at Surabaya based on the time we agreed. Then we‘ll proceed on this tour to visit the Mount Bromo attraction having a duration of 3 hours of driving.

During the journey to Mount Bromo, we will have lunch at a local restaurant, and once arriving in the Bromo area, check-in process, stay at hotel Bromo / lodge/homestay. In the afternoon you are able to have a walk around Bromo such as see the Bromo sunset or free programs

Day 02: Mount Bromo Adventure – Drop Off

Mount Bromo tour package wisiting all object tourism in Bromo area, It‘ll begin from early morning at 03. 00 am.  Use a Jeep/hardtop transport. The very first spot are you going to visit is Mt Penanjakan 1 (Viewpoint 1 ). At this place, you‘ll visit to enjoy and discover the gorgeous Sunrise which has a beautiful view. Also, you are able to see another view for example Mt Bromo, Mount Semeru, and Mount Batok.

After being quite satisfied with the sunrise tour, the subsequent trip climbed to the crater of Bromo. Continued adventure ti WHispheing of Sand, Savana Meadow, and Teletubies hill.  Next, after completing the tour to mount Bromo back to the hotel. Having breakfast and a free program.

After checkout hotel, our team will drop you off at the location for pick up at Surabaya or Malang. End trips of Mount Bromo Tour 2 Days.

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Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days Price 2024

PaxPrice From Surabaya Malang
1 paxIDR 3.500.000/pax
2 paxIDR 1.950.000/pax
3 paxIDR 1.500.000/pax
4 paxIDR 1.350.000/pax
5 paxIDR 1.200.000/pax
6 paxIDR 1.100.000/pax


Including :

  • Accommodation at Mount Bromo for 1 night (Bromo Permai hotel, Cafe Lava Hostel, Cemara Indah Hotel, Tengger Villa, Adas Hotel, Nadia Hotel, Yoschi Hotel, Sion View, and similar).
  • You can upgrade to Lava View, Jiwa Jawa Resort, Bromo Terrace, Bromo Whiz Prime or SM Hotel or Plataran Bromo Hotel. Or downgrade rooms to homestays or cheap villas around Bromo
  • Rent a Jeep at Bromo for Bromo Sunrise Tour
  • Rent a car to Bromo Private during the tour (Driver + BBM + AC + Highway fee+ Parking)
  • Mount Bromo entrance ticket
  • Mineral water is always available
  • Speaking English Driver

Not included :

  • Individual needs
  • Tour out of schedule
  • Travel Insurance
  • The cost of renting a horse in Bromo

What should to bring for this trip?

  • Protective Clothing From Cold Temperatures ( Jackets, Masks, Scarves, Head Covers, Shoes, T-shirts)
  • Please prepare personal medicines
  • Camera Or Other Tool That Serves To Capture Vacation Moments In Bromo.

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Mount Bromo Tour Package 2 Days Sunrise & Hike Crater Cheap Price 2024
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